14 Facts about Alan Kippax: Australia’s very own Morant

Author : Abhijit Raghunathan 25 May, 2016

14 Facts About Alan Kippax: Australia’s Very Own Morant
Kippax may be a cricketer from a different era. However, if his character was to resemble with that of another individual, it would definitely be Breaker Morant. The latter was perhaps one of the bravest generals in Australia. The same can be said about Kippax in the context of the cricketing field apart from brushing shoulders with the likes of Don Bradman and others. That said, we take a quick look at Australia’s very own ‘Breaker Morant’ on what would have been his birthday.

1. Birth:

Alan Falconer Kippax was born on the 25th of May 1897 at Paddington, New South Wales, Australia.

2. A beautiful and stylish cricketer:

Alan Kippax was a batsman par excellence. Don Bradman, one of cricket’s finest of all time has summed up Kippax’s legacy rather well. “This beautiful and stylish player was unlucky to emerge on the horizon of big cricket at a time when NSW had virtually an international side for its State XI. When his opportunity did come, Alan proved a real stalwart. In addition, his Trump ran style must have influenced for good vast numbers of young boys. Unquestionably, the line of Trumper and Kippax has much to do with the grace and elegance which is more frequently associated with players from NSW than from other States.”

3. Radio commentary:

The 1937 edition of the Ashes was something of a special one. Apart from the amazing exploits of Don Bradman, the 4th Test in Adelaide will be remembered for something else. Kippax did a Telephonic radio commentary via a radiotelephone service, thereby creating history.

4. Golfing and baseball:

Apart from his involvement in cricket, Kippax was also a talented baseball player. He usually played third base and was also a part of the Australian teams that toured universities in the United States. Kippax was also an A-grade golfer at The Lakes course in Sydney and a club champion lawn bowler at Double Bay.

5. Sartorial Elegance:

Alan McGilvray, an Australian who watched Kippax play once said: “… meticulous in his dress and his life, a man with a squeaky-clean image who would never raise his voice or allow his emotions to run away with him … His shirt would always be buttoned the same way, the crease would always be sharp in his trousers, no hair would ever be out of place. He was an admirable engaging man.”

6. A man of personal charm:

The man who write his biography David Firth has pointed out a few mesmerizing aspects about the personality of Kippax. Alan Kippax has been described as ‘a gentleman with a kindly way about him. He also enjoyed an illustrious career and was considered as a man with immense ‘personal charm’.

7. Critics in the family:

He was an uncle of the renowned theater critic H. G. Kippax.

8. Bodyline series:

Kippax was a part of the Australian side when Douglas Jardine led his England team to Australia for the Ashes. This series would later become to be known as the ‘Bodyline’ series. In 1933, Kippax co-authored a book called ‘Anti-Bodyline’ recounting his experience in the frightful series. He was struck by Harold Larwood and was one of the first casualties in for the Australians. He was quoted as saying: “he’s (Larwood) too bloody fast for me”. Another journalist said: “Kippax was scared stiff and he let you see it”

9. The NSW record:

Alan Kippax smashed an audacious 139 against South Australia in the fall of 1934. This saw him complete 32 centuries for his state in Sheffield Shield cricket. This record stood for the better part of 05 years until it was eventually broken by Michael Bevan all those years after the death of Kippax.

10. Final tour of England:

Kippax played his final Test series in England in 1934. It was a mixed tour as he was struck with influenza and diphtheria in the early and middle stages of the tour, witnessing him make a bevy of low scores. However, a record partnership of 451 between Bill Ponsford and Don Bradman meant that Australia was four for 574 by the time he got to the crease. Kippax made 28 in just under an hour as Australia amassed 701 runs.

11. Test record:

Alan Kippax played 22 Test matches in his 9-year career for Australia. Of 34 innings, he played 24 against England with the other 10 coming against the West Indies and South Africa. Interestingly, he has played his cricket only in Australia and England.

12. Smoking jackets and cigarettes:

A portrait of Kippax has been used on cigarette cards, art décors, and smoking jackets in the past although he never smoked.

13. Martin Place:

Shortly after his playing career, he opened a sports equipment store in Martin Place, Sydney. The shop would go on to become very profitable in the future.

14. Death:

Kippax died of heart disease at his home in Bellevue Hill on 5 September 1972.]

Source : www.crictracker.com

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