Debutants and durations

Author : Cricketgateway Staff 12 Oct, 2018

India have handed out debuts to 35 players since the start of 2008 [294 players have played for India in total in tests since 1932], the latest being Shardul Thakur who unfortunately had to hobble off with an injury just 1.4 overs into his test career.

Interestingly, the mix of debutants over the last decade includes as many as 5 all rounders and 3 wicket keepers. And among the 14 batsmen, a certain Virat Kohli is included too.

Meanwhile Usman Khawaja, who was born in Islamabad played an epic innings against Pakistan to salvage a draw for Australia, spending 767 minutes batting in total in the test, the joint second longest amount of time spent by an Australian batsman in the middle in a test.

His feat of endurance matches up very well with the longest grand slam match ever [when John Isner beat Nicholas Mahut at Wimbledon  in 2010] and even Peter Jackson's epically long Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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